Youth Memberships

Providing a unique approach for the competitive and recreational athlete.

Youth Memberships

The P.L.A.E program is modeled after the American Development Model (ADM) that is established by USA Hockey. The focus is on the whole-athlete, safety first, curriculum based approach to teach and show young athletes (6-18+yo) how to perform at their full potential. It helps parents support their children in a positive way to provide a well-structured, safe experience in the world of sport a recreation and provide coaches with the confidence that their athletes are doing all they can to reach there full athletic potential.

Throughout the course of an athletes performance training, athletes will understand 10 key factors of long-term athletic development, such as FUNdamentals, trainability, sport specialization, periodization and training principles, and calendar planning to name a few. Athletes will progress through the stages of Progressive Long-term Athletic Education which include, Active star, FUNdemental, Learning to train, Training to train, Learning to compete, Training to compete, Training to win, Healthy Habits for a lifetime.

STRIDES HUMAN PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE enhances and promotes athletic performance and functional movement capabilities through professional, comprehensive, educational training programs for individuals.

Functional and sports related skills involving flexibility, balance, speed, strength, power, and agility are enhanced through workouts that are broken down into the “parts of the whole.” Improvements in functional and sports related skills are made through successful competence of the “parts”.

Athletes and participants may perform dynamic and/or explosive movements such as skips, gallops, jumps and hops. These movements, in combination with the use of agility ladders and hurdles, accompany plyometric exercises, Olympic lift progressions, free-weight and auxiliary weight lifting exercises will allow the athlete or general fitness enthusiast to enhance athletic and functional movement capabilities.

The goal is to provide a unique approach for the competitive and recreational athlete, or the general fitness enthusiast to enhance athletic and functional abilities in a safe and fun atmosphere. Participating in STRIDES Human Performance Institute will offer an educational experience for any individual interested in improving sports functional movement related skills, preparation for upcoming seasons, and/or effective techniques for reducing the risk of injuries.

Membership Rates

High School and Sports Performance Varsity

1 Month – 97

3 Month – $201

6 Month – $397


Sports Performance Junior Varsity

1 Month, 1 class/week – $45

1 Month, 2 class/week – $77

Find out what sessions are most appropriate for the age of the athlete and what they can expect in each session.

Registering and paying for your membership can be done online or at our facility. To register online click the “join now” button