Adult Memberships

Challenge yourself through dynamic movements in a safe, fun atmosphere.

Adult Memberships

Adult memberships are based on the goals and interests of the client while using a functional movement philosophy, training movements not muscle.

No matter what type of training program our clients are a part of, they will go through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) which will identify weaknesses and imbalances concerning all joint mobility or stability, flexibility, and core strength. Based on results of the FMS, specific exercises, stretches, core conditioning, and proprioception modalities are integrated with workouts that are in accordance with the client’s goals and interests.

Rehabilitation exercises are included in all workouts if client presents physical challenges or needs. Clients will also receive nutrition education, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning programs.

Clients can expect to be challenged through dynamic movements in a moderate to high intensity atmosphere that changes routinely. This is all captured in a safe and fun atmosphere for all.

An Adult Membership allows adults to take large group classes with one of our STRIDES Coaches for an unlimited number for length of your membership. We continue to offer 1-on-1 and Semi-Private sessions.

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Membership Rates

1 Month – $97

3 Month – $257

6 Month – $467

Discounts for:

Family: First person is listed rate and each additional person is 31% discount. Participants must reside at the same address.

Military (active), Senior (62+) :     10% discount

College (with valid I.D.):            31% discount

*Discounts can not be combined.

*Discounts can ONLY be applied with payment in-office