Students will have the opportunity to work hands on with youth athlete ranging from grades 4-12. In addition, students will have the opportunity to see how the Long-Term Athlete Development model is administrated to participants (adults) in the Active for Life stage.

Duties & Responsibilities

The student intern will be encouraged to participate in all aspects of the Sports Performance Coach position and all activities planned by STRIDES Human Performance Institute. The student should also pursue one particular area of interest and develop a project while here. Minimum standards of responsibility are:

  • Assist and administer tests in the area of Sport Performance and/or health & fitness
  • Assist in formulating individual exercise programs for adult participants
  • Assist and instructor specific programs such as adult large group class and youth athlete development sessions
    • Dynamic warm-up, flexibility, mobility, corrective exercises
    • Movement technique for speed development and change of direction
    • Plyometrics and Medicine ball program
    • Strength and Power work, includes Olympic lift technique
    • CORE stabilization
  • Daily maintenance of performance and weight room areas with STRIDES staff
  • Keep records and files on program participants secured and confidential
  • Organize, develop and conduct one special major and one special minor project during the internship experience
  • Conduct a case study of a member
  • Assist the cooperating supervisor in all aspects of the program

Fall: September 1st – December 15th
Winter/Spring: January 15th – April 30th

Students are expected to be available for minimum of 24 hours per week and 8 hours per day.
To Apply please contact Len at or call (413) 586-5000.