Providing the highest quality fitness and performance education.

Mission Statement

At STRIDES Human Performance Institute the mission is to provide the highest quality fitness and performance education and workouts appropriate for adults of all ages and abilities. STRIDES Human Performance Institute provides an environment that enhances the health, movement capability, physical self-awareness, and fitness “know how” development for each individual client.


We believe in training movement not muscles. When we train our bodies to move in all the ways it is capable of our ability to perform daily tasks in addition to sport and activities become more efficient, we see less injuries and chronic pain. In order to maximize our body’s movement potential a systematic, progressive, periodization of fitness and performance programming is used. Using a simplified model my approach allows anyone to reach his or her goals.


The goal is to provide you with the highest quality of fitness education and support at all times. By supplying members with a safe, friendly and encouraging environment the Program strives to provide clients with success no matter what the individual’s goals may be.

Client Acceptance Policy

Any individual that willing to put forth the effort to his or her own health we are willing to accept as a clients. “Willing to put forth the effort”, means this, to us. “Client participates in workouts outside of our sessions, clients show up consistently, make payments on time, communicate their goals, needs, concerns, and questions, are polite to other clients and members of other trainers and businesses,”.

Contact One of the STRIDES Trainers

For more information and to contact one of our STRIDES trainers see our “Coaches” page.